A Salty Dog


A Salty Dog
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Artist: Procol Harum
Released: 1969, June
Labels: Regal Zonophone Records (UK), A&M Records (US)
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  A Salty Dog (Brooker, Reid) - 4:41 Lyrics
  The Milk of Human Kindness (Brooker, Reid) - 3:47 Lyrics
  Too Much Between Us (Brooker, Trower, Reid) - 3:45 Lyrics
  The Devil Came From Kansas (Brooker, Reid) - 4:38 Lyrics
  Boredom (Brooker, Fisher, Reid) - 4:34 Lyrics
  Juicy John Pink (Trower, Reid) - 2:08 Lyrics
  Wreck of the Hesperus (Fisher, Reid) - 3:49 Lyrics
  All This and More (Brooker, Reid) - 3:52 Lyrics
  Crucifiction Lane (Trower, Reid) - 5:03 Lyrics
  10  Pilgrim's Progress (Fisher, Reid) - 4:32 Lyrics
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Recorded: March 1969

Matthew Fisher - Organ, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Piano, Arranger, Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Marimba, Recorder, Vocals, Producer, Orchestral Arrangements
Dave Knights - Bass guitar
B.J. Wilson - Conga, Drums, Tabla
Robin Trower - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Tambourine, Vocals
Gary Brooker - Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Arranger, Celeste, Cello, Keyboards, Recorder, Vocals, Wind, Bells, Woodwind, Orchestral Arrangements, Guitar (3 String)
Kellogs - Whistle (Instrument)
Henry Lewy, Ken Scott, Ian Stuartr - Engineers
Keith Reid - Lyrics
Dickinson - Artwork, Design
Chris Welch - Liner Notes


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9/10 M??rcio Ivam. (December 14, 2010)
What beautiful song, "A Salty Dog" and "All this and more" brings a simple and pretty melody.Reid lyric`s with unlimited images.Pretty album in solitude moments.

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