American Beauty


American Beauty
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Released: 1970, November
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  Box of Rain (Hunter/Lesh) - 5:16 Lyrics
  Friend of the Devil (Dawson/Garcia/Hunter) - 3:20 Lyrics
  Sugar Magnolia (Hunter/Weir) - 3:15 Lyrics
  Operator (McKernan) - 2:21 Lyrics
  Candy Man (Garcia/Hunter) - 5:12 Lyrics
  Ripple (Garcia/Hunter) - 4:10 Lyrics
  Brokedown Palace (Garcia/Hunter) - 4:18 Lyrics
  Till the Morning Comes (Garcia/Hunter) - 3:13 Lyrics
  Attics of My Life (Garcia/Hunter) - 5:09 Lyrics
  10  Truckin' (Garcia/Hunter/Lesh/Weir) - 5:09 Lyrics
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The Grateful Dead - Producer
Jerry Garcia - Guitar, Piano, Pedal Steel, Guitar (Steel), Vocals
Mickey Hart - Percussion, Drums, Engineer, Mixing, Remix Producer, Sound Design
Bob Weir - Guitar, Vocals
Ned Lagin - Piano, Keyboards
Bill Kreutzmann - Drums
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan - Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Torbert - Bass
Howard Wales - Organ, Piano, Keyboards
Greg Allen - Reissue Art Director, Reissue Design
Stephen Barncard - Producer, Audio Supervisor
Hugh Brown - Reissue Art Director
Tom Flye - Engineer, Mixing, Mastering Supervisor
Joe Gastwirt - Pre-Mastering
David Grisman - Mandolin
Phil Lesh - Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocals
David McLees - Executive Producer
Dave Nelson - Guitar (Electric)
Robert Hunter - Songwriter
Jeffrey Norman - Engineer
David Gans - Liner Notes
Rachel Gutek - Reissue Art Director, Reissue Design
Dave Collins - Pre-Mastering Assistant
Vanessa Atkins - Editorial Supervision
Mouse Studios - Design
Henry Diltz, Herbert Greene, Stanley Mouse, Amalie R. Rothschild - Photography
Steve Hall - Mastering, Stereo Master
Daniel Goldmark - Editorial Research
Steve Woolard, Steve Pokorny, Ginger Dettman - Project Assistants


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8/10 Andrew Creamer (November 27, 2006)
Die-hard Deadheads often scoff at The Dead\'s studio efforts, maintaining that they were always better at being a live band (I agree). Still, American Beauty is easily one of their best and most accessible recorded albums, filled with many fine and pretty songs.

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