Animal Tracks


Animal Tracks
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Artist: The Animals
Released: 1965, May
Labels: Columbia
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  Mess Around (Ertegun) - 2:23 Lyrics
  How You've Changed (Berry) - 3:15 Lyrics
  Hallelujah, I Love Her So (Charles) - 2:49 Lyrics
  I Believe to My Soul (Charles, Learner) - 3:28 Lyrics
  Worried Life Blues (Merriweather) - 4:16 Lyrics
  Roberta (Smith, Vincent) - 2:07 Lyrics
  I Ain't Got You (Carter) - 2:32 Lyrics
  Bright Lights, Big City (Reed) - 2:57 Lyrics
  Let the Good Times Roll (Goodman, Lee) - 1:57 Lyrics
  10  For Miss Caulker (Burdon) - 4:02 Lyrics
  11  Roadrunner (Diddley) - 2:49 Lyrics
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The Animals, Eric Burdon - Vocals
Chas Chandler - Bass
John Steel - Drums
Alan Price - Keyboards
David Redfern - Photography
Cheryl Finbow - Cover Design
Hilton Valentine - Guitar, Engineer
Lucy Jordache, Nigel Reeve - Producers
Peter Mew - Digital Remastering
Mickie Most - Producer, Liner Notes


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