Band was formed in 1971 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Boston became wellknown as soon as their debut album was released in 1976 featuring hit singles "More Than a Feeling", "Long Time" and "Peace of Mind". The album remained the best-selling pop debut effort in history before it was supplanted by Whitney Houston's first album in 1986. Though the next albums were not so good as the first one, "Don't Look Back" and "Third Stage" were chart-toppers too and had several hits.

The Boston members: Tom Scholz, Barry Goudreau, Bradley Delp, Sib Hashain, Gary Pihl, Fran Sheehan (also in differ times David Sikes, Doug Huffman, Fran Cosmo, Tommy Funderburk, Ted Jensen, Jim Masdea).


Average album rating 1976 Boston  
Average album rating 1978 Don't Look Back  
Average album rating 1986 Third Stage  
Average album rating 1994 Walk on  
Average album rating 1997 Greatest Hits  
Average album rating 2002 Corporate America  


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