Burnin' Sky


Burnin' Sky
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Artist: Bad Company
Released: 1977, March
Labels: Swan Song
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  Burnin' Sky (Rodgers) - 5:19 Lyrics
  Morning Sun (Rodgers) - 3:57 Lyrics
  Leaving You (Rodgers) - 3:24 Lyrics
  Like Water (Rodgers/Shimizu) - 4:18 Lyrics
  Knapsack - 1:20 Lyrics
  Everything I Need (Burrell/Kirke/Ralphs/Rodgers) - 3:22  
  Heartbeat (Rodgers) - 2:36 Lyrics
  Peace of Mind (Kirke) - 3:22  
  Passing Time (Rodgers) - 2:30 Lyrics
  10  Too Bad (Rodgers) - 3:47 Lyrics
  11  Man Needs Woman (Rodgers) - 3:43 Lyrics
  12  Master of Ceremony (Burrell/Kirke/Ralphs/Rodgers) - 7:10 Lyrics
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Bad Company - Producer
Paul Rodgers - Guitar, Piano, Accordion
Boz Burrell - Bass
Mel Collins - Saxophone
Tim Hinkley - Keyboards
Simon Kirke - Drums
Mick Ralphs - Guitar, Keyboards


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