Crazy Nights


Crazy Nights
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Artist: Kiss
Released: 1987, 18 September
Labels: Mercury, Polygram
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  Crazy Crazy Nights (Mitchell, Stanley) - 3:47  
  I'll Fight Hell to Hold You (Kulick, Mitchell, Stanley) - 4:09  
  Bang Bang You (Child, Stanley) - 3:53  
  No, No, No (Carr, Kulick, Simmons) - 4:17  
  Hell or High Water (Kulick, Simmons) - 3:27  
  My Way (Child, Stanley, Turgon) - 3:59  
  When Your Walls Come Down (Kulick, Mitchell, Stanley) - 3:23  
  Reason to Live (Child, Stanley) - 4:00  
  Good Girl Gone Bad (Diggins, Sigerson, Simmons) - 4:34  
  10  Turn of the Night (Stanley Warren) - 3:18  
  11  Thief in the Night (Simmons Weissman) - 4:06  


Gene Simmons - Bass, Vocals
Paul Stanley - Guitar, Keyboards
Tom Kelly - Vocals (bckgr)
Bruce Kulick - Guitar
Phillip Ashley - Keyboards, Vocals
Eric Carr - Drums
Robert V. Conte - Redesign
Bill Levenson - Remastering Supervisor
Ron Nevison - Producer, Engineer
Jeff Poe, Toby Wright - Assistant Engineers
Walter Wick - Photography


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