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Artist: King Crimson
Released: 1981, September
Labels: EG
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  Elephant Talk (Belew/King Crimson) - 4:43 Lyrics
  Frame by Frame (Belew/King Crimson) - 5:09 Lyrics
  Matte Kudasai (Belew/King Crimson) - 3:47 Lyrics
  Indiscipline (Belew/King Crimson) - 4:33 Lyrics
  Thela Hun Ginjeet (Belew/King Crimson) - 6:26 Lyrics
  The Sheltering Sky (King Crimson) - 8:22 Lyrics
  Discipline (King Crimson) - 5:13 Lyrics
  Matte Kudasai [Alternative Version] (Belew/King Crimson) - 3:50 Lyrics
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King Crimson, Rhett Davies - Producers
Adrian Belew - Guitar, Vocals
Bill Bruford - Bass, Drums, Bateria
Robert Fripp - Guitar, Keyboards, Mastering, Remastering, Devices
Tony Levin - Bass, Guitar (Bass), Stick, Vocals, Photography
Tony Arnold - Remastering
Simon Heyworth - Mastering
Nigel Mills, Peter Saville - Assistant Engineer
Steven Ball - Logo


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