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Artist: Foreigner
Released: 1977, 8 March
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  Feels Like the First Time (Jones) - 3:44 Lyrics
  Cold As Ice (Gramm/Jones) - 3:06 Lyrics
  Starrider (Greenwood/Jones) - 4:03 Lyrics
  Headknocker (Gramm/Jones) - 2:50 Lyrics
  The Damage Is Done (Gramm/Jones) - 4:19 Lyrics
  Long, Long Way from Home (Gramm/Jones/McDonald) - 2:56 Lyrics
  Woman, Oh Woman (Jones) - 3:53 Lyrics
  At War With the World (Jones) - 4:06 Lyrics
  Fool for You Anyway (Jones) - 4:17 Lyrics
  10  I Need You (Gramm/Jones) - 5:01 Lyrics
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Lou Gramm - Percussion, Vocals
Mick Jones - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Dennis Elliott - Drums, Vocals
Ed Gagliardi - Bass, Vocals
Alan Greenwood - Synthesizer, Keyboards
Gary Lyons - Producer, Engineer
Ian McDonald - Guitar, Drums, Horn, Keyboards, Vocals
Rick Seratte - Keyboards
John Sinclair - Producer


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