From the Inside


From the Inside
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Artist: Alice Cooper
Released: 1978, November
Labels: Metal Blade
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  From the Inside (Cooper/Foster/Taupin/Wagner) - 3:55 Lyrics
  Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills (Cooper/Taupin/Tupin/Wagner) - 3:38 Lyrics
  The Quiet Room (Cooper/Taupin/Wagner) - 3:52 Lyrics
  Nurse Rozetta (Cooper/Foster/Lukather/Taupin) - 4:15 Lyrics
  Millie and Billie (Cooper/Roberts/Taupin) - 4:15 Lyrics
  Serious (Cooper/Foster/Lukather/Taupin) - 2:44 Lyrics
  How You Gonna See Me Now (Cooper/Taupin/Wagner) - 3:57 Lyrics
  For Veronica's Sake (Cooper/Taupin/Wagner) - 3:37 Lyrics
  Jackknife Johnny (Cooper/Taupin/Wagner) - 3:45 Lyrics
  10  Inmates (We're All Crazy) (Cooper/Taupin/Wagner) - 5:03 Lyrics
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Alice Cooper - Vocals, Lyricist, Concept, Direction
David Foster - Keyboards, Producer
Davey Johnstone, Dee Murray, Rick Nielsen, Dick Wagner - Guitars
Jim Keltner - Drums
Howard Kaylan, Mark Volman - Vocals
David DeVore, Humberto Gatica, Keith Olsen, Howard Steele - Engineers
Shep Gordon - Executive Producer
Jay Graydon - Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboard Programming
Bernie Taupin - Lyricist, Concept, Direction


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