In the Hollies Style


In the Hollies Style
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Artist: The Hollies
Released: 1964, November
Labels: Parlophone, EMI
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  Nitty Gritty/Something's Got a Hold on Me (Chase, Kirkland, Woods) - 4:13 Lyrics
  Don't You Know (Ransford) - 1:58 Lyrics
  To You My Love (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 2:09 Lyrics
  It's in Her Kiss (Clark) - 2:17 Lyrics
  Time for Love (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 2:32 Lyrics
  What Kind of Boy (Irwin) - 2:38 Lyrics
  Too Much Monkey Business (Berry) - 2:29 Lyrics
  I Thought of You Last Night (Freed) - 2:19 Lyrics
  Please Don't Feel Too Bad (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 2:28 Lyrics
  10  Come on Home (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 1:54 Lyrics
  11  You'll Be Mine (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 2:03 Lyrics
  12  Set Me Free (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 2:21 Lyrics
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Recorded: 1964
Label: Parlophone PMC 1235

Allan Clarke - Lead Vocals
Graham Nash - Guitar, Vocals
Tony Hicks - Guitar, Vocals
Eric Haydock - Bass
Bobby Elliott - Drums

Ron Richards - Producer, Liner Notes


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