Lennon Legend: the Very Best of John Lennon (Compilation)


Lennon Legend: the Very Best of John Lennon
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Artist: John Lennon
Released: 1998, 24 February
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  Imagine (Lennon) - 3:04 Lyrics
  Instant Karma! (Lennon) - 3:21 Lyrics
  Mother [Single edit] (Lennon) - 3:56 Lyrics
  Jealous Guy (Lennon) - 4:16 Lyrics
  Power to the People (Lennon) - 3:20 Lyrics
  Cold Turkey (Lennon) - 5:01 Lyrics
  Love (Lennon) - 3:24 Lyrics
  Mind Games (Lennon) - 4:14 Lyrics
  Whatever Gets You Through the Night (Lennon) - 3:21 Lyrics
  10  No. 9 Dream (Lennon) - 4:48 Lyrics
  11  Stand By Me (Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) - 3:29 Lyrics
  12  (Just Like) Starting Over (Lennon) - 3:56 Lyrics
  13  Woman (Lennon) - 3:29 Lyrics
  14  Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (Lennon) - 4:02 Lyrics
  15  Watching the Wheels (Lennon) - 3:33 Lyrics
  16  Nobody Told Me (Lennon) - 3:35 Lyrics
  17  Borrowed Time (Lennon) - 4:31 Lyrics
  18  Working Class Hero (Lennon) - 3:52 Lyrics
Average song rating 19  Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Lennon, Ono) - 3:35 Lyrics
  20  Give Peace a Chance (Lennon) - 4:52 Lyrics
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John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Phil Spector, Jack Douglas - Producers
Spud Murphy - Cover Photo


Site visitor reviews
10/10 newbie beatnic (January 22, 2005)
this is one of the best lennon albums. even if your just starting out as a lennon fan, this is the album you should pick up first.
10/10 beatle_freak (November 25, 2004)
I love all the songs, it's just one of those CD's that you can sing along to.

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