Live Cream, Vol. 2 (Live)


Live Cream, Vol. 2
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Artist: Cream
Released: 1972, March
Labels: Polydor (UK), Atco (US)
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  Deserted Cities of the Heart (Brown, Bruce) - 4:33 Lyrics
  White Room (Brown, Bruce) - 5:40 Lyrics
  Politician (Brown, Bruce) - 5:08 Lyrics
  Tales of Brave Ulysses (Clapton, Sharp) - 4:46 Lyrics
  Sunshine of Your Love (Brown, Bruce, Clapton) - 7:25 Lyrics
  Steppin' out (Bracken) - 13:38 Lyrics
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Recorded live: March, October 1968

Ginger Baker - Drums, Vocals
Jack Bruce - Bass, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals
Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
Tom Dowd - Engineer
Bill Halverson - Engineer
Felix Pappalardi - Producer
Jim Marshall - Photography, Cover Photo
Stanislaw Zagorski - Design
Gene Paul, Kevin Brady - Remixing
Joseph M. Palmaccio - Digital Remastering


Site visitor reviews
10/10 M??rcio Ivam. (December 14, 2010)
The power trio sound sounds modern today.Clapton is Clapton!Neither guitar is like Clapton`s guitar.The man is musician heaven`s.Live album to forever.
10/10 Limpi (April 9, 2009)
It's simple great! Even if you don't like long improvisations (in that case don't listen Cream live) you will love it.
Deserted cities of the heart is perfect to learn the band's name. It's quite fast, sounds like a real rock song, with great solo (all three of them are making an incredible play).
White room is one of their famous song. Bruce flourishing a few during verses and there is a jam at the end of the song.
Politician is different from Goodbye Cream's Politician. The solo is shorter, Bruce doesn't play as well as at Goodbye, but Clapton's solo is better, no doubt.
Tales of brave Ulysses is familiar to White room (wasn't a wise decision to put at the same album). There are some unbelievable play from Bruce and Clapton's wah-wah solo is one of the best.
Sunshine of your love is their famous song. Superb riff, everybody found it great. Clapton's solo is very good, Baker also as well, the only 'problem' is Bruce, he's hardly play any different notes. The end of the song is unlistenable for some people (happened).
Steppin' out is an instrumental song. Bruce and Baker are simple playing under Clapton. Around 4 min they stop, except Clapton. Bruce doesn't play any more, but Baker does. And what a play they're doing!

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