Lou Reed


Lou Reed
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Artist: Lou Reed
Released: 1972, May
Labels: RCA
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  I Can't Stand It (Reed) - 2:37 Lyrics
  Going Down (Reed) - 2:57 Lyrics
  Walk and Talk It (Reed) - 3:40 Lyrics
  Lisa Says (Reed) - 5:34 Lyrics
  Berlin (Reed) - 5:16 Lyrics
  I Love You (Reed) - 2:21 Lyrics
  Wild Child (Reed) - 4:41 Lyrics
  Love Makes You Feel (Reed) - 3:13 Lyrics
  Ride Into the Sun (Reed) - 3:16 Lyrics
  10  Ocean (Reed) - 5:07 Lyrics
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Lou Reed - Guitar, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer
Clem Cattini - Percussion
Helene Francois - Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Vocal Harmony
Kay Garner - Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Vocal Harmony
Steve Howe - Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Les Hurdle - Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Paul Keogh - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Brian Odgers - Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Caleb Quaye - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Piano, Guitar (Electric)
Rick Wakeman - Piano, Keyboards
Tom Adams - Illustrations, Cover Art
Mike Bobak - Engineer
Ronn Campisi - Photography
Richard Robinson - Producer


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6/10 Henrik Simonsen (October 15, 2006)
Lou Reed\'s first album. Recorded in England with studio musicians, and even Lou thought of it as ordinary crap. However there are lots of good songs on the album. Songs wich he wrote when he played with the Velvet Underground.

If you know this album you can review it.

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