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Artist: Lou Reed
Released: 1986, April
Labels: RCA
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  Mistrial (Reed) - 3:20 Lyrics
  No Money Down (Reed) - 3:09 Lyrics
  Outside (Reed) - 3:02 Lyrics
  Don't Hurt a Woman (Reed) - 3:59 Lyrics
  Video Violence (Reed) - 5:35 Lyrics
  Spit It out (Reed) - 3:39 Lyrics
  The Original Wrapper (Reed) - 3:37 Lyrics
  Mama's Got a Lover (Reed) - 4:12 Lyrics
  I Remember You (Reed) - 3:13 Lyrics
  10  Tell It to Your Heart (Reed) - 5:08 Lyrics
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Lou Reed - Guitar, Vocals, Producer
Rub?n Blades - Vocals (bckgr)
Bruce Lampcov - Mixing
Fernando Saunders - Producer


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