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Artist: Kansas
Released: 1979, May
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  On the Other Side (Livgren) - 6:22 Lyrics
  People of the South Wind (Livgren) - 3:37 Lyrics
  Angels Have Fallen (Walsh) - 6:35 Lyrics
  How My Soul Cries out for You (Walsh) - 5:43 Lyrics
  A Glimpse of Home (Livgren) - 6:32 Lyrics
  Away From You (Walsh) - 4:23 Lyrics
  Stay out of Trouble (Steinhardt/Walsh/Williams) - 4:12 Lyrics
  Reason to Be (Livgren) - 3:48 Lyrics
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Kansas - Group, Producer
Kerry Livgren - Guitar, Keyboards
Steve Walsh - Keyboards, Vocals
Phil Ehart - Drums
Dave Hope - Bass
Robbie Steinhardt - Violin, Vocals
Rich Williams - Guitar
Brad Aaron, Davey Moire, Steve Tillisch - Engineers


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8/10 Dan (October 14, 2009)
This is a superb album by Kansas. I to have been trying to find out if this has been remastered. I have all of the other re-issues of the band and each one has the word re-master on it. These are Legacy re-issues. I purchased the Japanese mini-LP release of Monolith from Sony and no where on the disc or artwork does it say re-master. I contacted a Ebay seller in Japan asking him why the disc he had for sale was a re-master and mine was not. He told me that on the OBI in a language named Kanji it says 20008 re-master. I say B.S.. If that is a re-master then it is a very poorly done re-master. It sounds no better than the original. The same goes for the Foreigner album Inside Information. Japanese Mini-LP release but it is not re-mastered.

If you know this album you can review it.

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