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Released: 1988, March
Labels: Fly
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  Blind (Byrne/Frantz/Harrison/Weymouth) - 4:58 Lyrics
  Mr. Jones (Byrne/Frantz/Harrison/Weymouth) - 4:18 Lyrics
  Totally Nude (Byrne/Frantz/Harrison/Weymouth) - 4:10 Lyrics
  Ruby Dear (Byrne/Frantz/Harrison/Weymouth) - 3:48 Lyrics
  (Nothing But) Flowers (Byrne/Frantz/Harrison/Weymouth) - 5:31 Lyrics
  The Democratic Circus (Byrne/Frantz/Harrison/Weymouth) - 5:01 Lyrics
  The Facts of Life (Byrne/Frantz/Harrison/Weymouth) - 6:25 Lyrics
  Mommy Daddy You and I (Byrne/Frantz/Harrison/Weymouth) - 3:58 Lyrics
  Big Daddy (Byrne/Frantz/Harrison/Weymouth) - 5:37 Lyrics
  10  Bill (Byrne/Frantz/Harrison/Weymouth) - 3:21 Lyrics
  11  Cool Water (Byrne/Frantz/Harrison/Weymouth) - 5:10 Lyrics
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Talking Heads, Steve Lillywhite - Producers
David Byrne - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Artwork
Jerry Harrison - Piano, Keyboards, Marimba, Organ (Hammond)
Wally Badarou - Keyboards
Mory Kant? - Kora
Manolo Badrena - Percussion, Conga, Bells
Don Brooks - Harmonica
Chris Frantz - Drums
Abdou Mboup - Conga, Drums, Bells
Richard Mainwaring - Engineer
Johnny Marr, Yves N'Djock - Guitars
Lenny Pickett, Al Acosta - Sax (Tenor)
Bobby Porcelli, Mitch Frohman, Stan Harrison - Sax (Alto)
Steve Elfon, Steve Sachs - Sax (Baritone)
Robin Eubanks, Dale Turk - Trombones
Brice Wassy - Percussion, Maraccas
Tina Weymouth - Flute, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards
Charlie Sepulveda, Laurie Frink, Earl Gardner, Angel Fernandez, Jose Jerez, Steve Gluzband - Trumpets
Moussa Cissokho, Nino Gioia - Percussion
James Fearnley, Philippe Servain - Accordions
M&Co. - Cover Design
Paula Wright - Artwork


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