Nashville Skyline


Nashville Skyline
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Artist: Bob Dylan
Released: 1969, 9 April
Labels: Columbia
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  Girl From the North Country (Dylan) - 3:41 Lyrics
  Nashville Skyline Rag (Dylan) - 3:12 Lyrics
  To Be Alone With You (Dylan) - 2:05 Lyrics
  I Threw It All Away (Dylan) - 2:23 Lyrics
  Peggy Day (Dylan) - 1:59 Lyrics
  Lay, Lady, Lay (Dylan) - 3:20 Lyrics
  One More Night (Dylan) - 2:25 Lyrics
  Tell Me That It Isn't True (Dylan) - 2:45 Lyrics
  Country Pie (Dylan) - 1:35 Lyrics
  10  Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Dylan) - 3:23 Lyrics
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Bob Dylan - Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals
Bob Wilson - Organ, Piano
Kenneth A. - Buttrey Drums
Johnny Cash - Vocals, Performer, Liner Notes
Charlie Daniels - Bass, Guitar
Pete Drake - Guitar (Steel)
Charlie McCoy - Guitar, Harmonica
Neil Wilburn, Charlie Bragg - Engineers
Bob Johnston - Producer
Norman Blake


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10/10 M??rcio Ivam. (December 14, 2010)
A Dylan`s masterpiece."Lay lady lay", "To be alone with you", "Girl from the north country".A rock "n" roll monster in sweet moment.Songs to a happy moments.

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