Obscured by Clouds (Music from the film 'The Valley')


Obscured by Clouds (Music from the film 'The Valley')
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Artist: Pink Floyd
Released: 1972, 3 June
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  Obscured by Clouds (Waters/Gilmour) (3:05) Lyrics
  When You're in (Waters/Gilmour/Mason/Wright) (2:30) Lyrics
  Burning Bridges (Wright/Waters) (3:30) Lyrics
  The Gold It's in the... (Waters/Gilmour) (3:07) Lyrics
  Wots... Uh the Deal (Waters/Gilmour) (5:08) Lyrics
  Mudmen (Wright/Gilmour) (4:20) Lyrics
  Childhood's End (Gilmour) (4:32) Lyrics
  Free Four (Waters) (4:15) Lyrics
  Stay (Wright/Waters) (4:05) Lyrics
  10  Absolutely Curtains (Waters/Gilmour/Wright/Mason) (5:52) Lyrics
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Roger Waters - bass guitar, vocals
David Gilmour - guitar, vocals
Richard Wright - keyboards, vocals
Nick Mason - drums

Producer: Pink Floyd
Cover: Hipgnosis

Film 'The Valley' directed by Barbet Schroder


Site visitor reviews
9/10 Iconoclast (April 12, 2006)
This album is one of the underrated gems in Pink Floyds collection. The whole album has an ethereal yet complete feel, not quite a concept album but certainly a muscial journey. It includes the sublime gem \'Wot\'s Uh The Deal\'. This song is perhaps one of the best songs Floyd have written. This song holds up to any of their big hits like \'Wish You Were Here\' or \'Comfortably Numb\'. If you like to play guitar, learn this song you will like it even more. I\'d like to buy the rights to it and re-record it; I\'d guarantee a big hit. This albums flows like a fine bottle of red wine. An excellent album that is too often neglected and over looked by the masses.
8/10 fairlight.fm (September 16, 2005)
some great songs on here the spine tingling the 70s concert opener Obscured by clouds

the soft and sensual stay

some of the best softer side of floyd ever put down on vinyl

9/10 SArah Montoya (September 9, 2004)
I had never heard of this film or the album and Pink Floyd is my all time favorite. I bought the lp used for like 8$ in immaculate condition. This is definately worth checking out if you dig the floyd I haven't been able to take it out of my player for a couple of weeks now. Childhood End is the best song on the record.

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