On a Carousel, 1963-1974: The Ultimate Hollies (Compilation)


On a Carousel, 1963-1974: The Ultimate Hollies
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Artist: The Hollies
Released: 2006, 31 October
Labels: Raven
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  Stay [Mono Version] (Williams) - 2:12 Lyrics
  Just One Look [Mono Version] (Carrol, Payne) - 2:31 Lyrics
  Here I Go Again (Shuman, Westlake) - 2:19 Lyrics
  We're Through [Mono Version] (Clarke, Hicks, Nash, Ransford) - 2:15 Lyrics
  I'm Alive [Mono Version] (Ballard) - 2:26 Lyrics
  Yes I Will [Mono Version] (Goffin, Titelman) - 2:58 Lyrics
  Look Through Any Window [Mono Version] (Gouldman, Silverman) - 2:16 Lyrics
  If I Needed Someone [Mono Version] (Harrison) - 2:20 Lyrics
  I Can't Let Go [Mono Version] (Gorgoni, Taylor) - 2:25 Lyrics
  10  Bus Stop [Mono Version] (Gouldman) - 2:54 Lyrics
  11  Stop Stop Stop [Mono Version] (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 2:49 Lyrics
  12  On a Carousel [Mono Version] (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 3:14 Lyrics
  13  Pay You Back With Interest [Stereo] (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 2:43 Lyrics
  14  Carrie Anne [Mono Version] (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 2:55 Lyrics
  15  King Midas in Reverse [Mono Version] (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 3:07 Lyrics
  16  Dear Eloise [Stereo] (Clarke, Hicks, Nash) - 3:05 Lyrics
  17  Jennifer Eccles [Stereo] (Clarke, Nash) - 3:01 Lyrics
  18  Listen to Me [Stereo] (Hazzard) - 2:38 Lyrics
  19  Sorry Suzanne [Stereo] (Macaulay, Stephens) - 2:59 Lyrics
  20  He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother [Stereo] (Russell, Scott) - 4:30 Lyrics
  21  I Can't Tell the Bottom From the Top [Stereo] (Fletcher, Flett) - 4:24 Lyrics
  22  Gasoline Alley Band [Stereo] (Cook, Greenaway, Macaulay) - 3:55 Lyrics
  23  Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) [Stereo] (Clarke, Cook, Greenaway) - 3:16 Lyrics
  24  Long Dark Road [Stereo] (Hicks, Lynch) - 4:16 Lyrics
  25  The Air That I Breathe [Stereo] (Hammond, Hazelwood) - 4:14 Lyrics
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Allan Clarke - Vocals, Harmonica
Bobby Elliott - Drums, Percussion
Eric Haydock - Guitar (Bass)
Tony Hicks - Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Graham Nash - Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm), Leader, Vocals
Terry Sylvester - Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
Bernie Calvert - Bass

Warren Barnett- Mastering
David Hickie - Photo Courtesy
Ian McFarlane - Release Preparation, Annotation
Kevin Mueller - Release Preparation
Peter Shillito - Compilation, Concept, Release Preparation


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