Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (Soundtrack)


Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
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Artist: Bob Dylan
Released: 1973, 13 July
Labels: Columbia
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  Billy (Main Title Theme) (Booker T., Bruce Langhorn, Dylan) - 6:05 Lyrics
  Cantina Theme (Workin' for the Law) (Roger McGuinn, Bruce Langhorne, Dylan) - 2:56 Lyrics
  Billy 1 (Booker T., Bruce Langhorn, Dylan) - 3:55 Lyrics
  Bunkhouse Theme (Carol Hunter, Dylan) - 2:15 Lyrics
  River Theme (Booker T., Bruce Langhorn, Dylan) - 1:28 Lyrics
  Turkey Chase (Dylan) - 3:34 Lyrics
  Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Terry Paul, Roger McGuinn, Jim Keltner) - 2:32 Lyrics
  Final Theme (Dylan) - 5:23 Lyrics
  Billy 4 (Dylan, Terry Paul) - 5:03  
  10  Billy 7 (Jim Keltner, Roger McGuinn, Terry Paul) - 2:07 Lyrics
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Bob Dylan - Guitar, Harmonica, Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Vocals
Byron Berline - Fiddle, Violin, Voices
Gordon Carroll - Producer
Priscilla Coolidge - Vocals
Carl Fortina - Harmonium, Keyboards
Gary Foster - Flute, Recorder Wind
Carol Hunter - Guitar, Vocals, Voices, Performer
Booker T. Jones - Bass
Priscilla Jones - Voices
Fred Katz, Ted Michel - Cellos
Jim Keltner Drums, Performer
Russ Kunkel - Drums
Bruce Langhorne - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
Roger McGuinn - Guitar, Performer
Brenda Patterson, Donna Weiss - Vocals, Voices
Terry Paul - Bass, Voices, Performer
Jolly Roger - Banjo
Booker T - Performer
Dan Wallin - Producer, Engineer


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