Peter Gabriel (Car)


Peter Gabriel (Car)
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Released: 1977, 25 February
Labels: Atco (US, Canada), Charisma
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  Moribund the Burgermeister (Gabriel) - 4:19 Lyrics
  Solsbury Hill (Gabriel) - 4:20 Lyrics
  Modern Love (Gabriel) - 3:37 Lyrics
  Excuse Me (Gabriel/Hall) - 3:20 Lyrics
  Humdrum (Gabriel) - 3:23 Lyrics
  Slowburn (Gabriel) - 4:34 Lyrics
  Waiting for the Big One (Gabriel) - 7:26 Lyrics
  Down the Dolce Vita (Gabriel) - 4:43 Lyrics
  Here Comes the Flood (Gabriel) - 5:54 Lyrics
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Recorded and mixed: 1976, The Soundstage, Toronto

Gabriel - vocal, keyboard, flute, recorder
Allan Schwartzberg - drums
Tony Levin - bass, tuba
Jim Maelem - percussion.
Steve Hunter - guitars
Fripp - electric and classical guitar, banjo
Jozef Chirowski - keyboards
Larry Fast - synthesizers
Dick Wagner - backing vocals, solo guitar

Produced by Bob Ezrin.
Additional recording at Morgan Studios, Olympic Studios, London.
All songs written by Gabriel except Excuse Me (Gabriel / Martin Hall)
The London Symphony Orchestra arranged and conducted by Michael Gibbs.


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