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Artist: King Crimson
Released: 1974, November
Labels: EG
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  Red (Fripp) - 6:16 Lyrics
  Fallen Angel (Fripp/Palmer-James/Wetton) - 6:04 Lyrics
  One More Red Nightmare (Fripp/Wetton) - 7:07 Lyrics
  Providence (Bruford/Cross/Fripp/Wetton) - 8:11 Lyrics
  Starless (Cross/Fripp/Palmer-James/Wetton) - 12:18 Lyrics
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Recorded at Olimpic Sound Studios, London, England, July and August 1974
King Crimson - Producer
Robert Fripp - Guitar, Keyboards, Mellotron, Remastering
Bill Bruford - Percussion, Drums
John Wetton - Bass, Vocals
Marc Charig - Cornet
Robin Miller - Oboe Wind
George Chkiantz - Engineer
Mel Collins - Saxophone, Sax (Soprano)
David Cross - Violin, Keyboards
Ian McDonald - Flute, Keyboards, Sax (Alto)
Rod Thear - Engineer, Assistant Engineer
Tony Arnold - Remastering
John Kosh - Photography, Cover Design
Gered Mankowitz - Photography


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10/10 Nick (October 22, 2005)
This is the Crimson album that totally sold me on the band. The darkest, grittiest, most powerful King Crimson album ever recorded!!

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