Shaved Fish


Shaved Fish
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Artist: John Lennon
Released: 1975, 24 October
Labels: Apple
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  Give Peace a Chance (Lennon) - 0:59 Lyrics
  Cold Turkey (Lennon) - 5:03 Lyrics
  Instant Karma! (We All Shine on) (Lennon) - 3:16 Lyrics
  Power to the People (Lennon) - 3:06 Lyrics
  Mother (Lennon) - 5:09 Lyrics
  Woman is the Nigger of the World (Lennon) - 4:38 Lyrics
  Imagine (Lennon) - 3:04 Lyrics
  Whatever Gets You Thru the Night (Lennon) - 3:07 Lyrics
  Mind Games (Lennon) - 4:13 Lyrics
  10  No. 9 Dream (Lennon) - 4:48 Lyrics
  11  Medley: Happy Xmas (War is Over) / Give Peace a Chance (Reprise) (Lennon/Ono) - 4:17 Lyrics
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Roy Kohara, Michael Bryan - Cover


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