Songs for Drella


Songs for Drella
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Artist: Lou Reed
Released: 1990, April
Labels: Sire
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  Smalltown (Cale, Reed) - 2:03 Lyrics
  Open House (Cale, Reed) - 4:16 Lyrics
  Style It Takes (Cale, Reed) - 2:54 Lyrics
  Work (Cale, Reed) - 2:36 Lyrics
  Trouble With Classicists (Cale, Reed) - 3:40 Lyrics
  Starlight (Cale, Reed) - 3:26 Lyrics
  Faces and Names (Cale, Reed) - 4:11 Lyrics
  Images (Cale, Reed) - 3:28 Lyrics
  Slip Away (A Warning) (Cale, Reed) - 3:04 Lyrics
  10  It Wasn't Me (Cale, Reed) - 3:29 Lyrics
  11  I Believe (Cale, Reed) - 3:17 Lyrics
  12  Nobody But You (Cale, Reed) - 3:44 Lyrics
  13  A Dream (Cale, Reed) - 6:33 Lyrics
  14  Forever Changed (Cale, Reed) - 4:49 Lyrics
  15  Hello It's Me (Cale, Reed) - 3:03 Lyrics
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Lou Reed - Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Performer, Mixing
John Cale - Keyboards, Viola, Vocals, Producer, Performer, Mixing
Bill Bentley - Liner Notes
Jeremy Darby - Engineer, Mixing
Victor Deyglio, Michael Scalcione, Greg Wong - Assistant Engineers
James Hamilton, Billy Name, Jerome Sirlin - Photography
Bob Ludwig - Mastering
Mike Rathke - Production Assistant, Mixing
Tom Recchion, Sylvia Reed - Art Direction, Design


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9/10 Iain Howard (June 24, 2008)
I bought the album after seeing Reed and Cale perform this work. I dont think you can fault it. A very personal work, performed from the heart.

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