State of Confusion


State of Confusion
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Artist: The Kinks
Released: 1983, May
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  State of Confusion (Davies) - 3:42 Lyrics
  Definite Maybe (Davies) - 4:21 Lyrics
  Labour of Love (Davies) - 3:54 Lyrics
  Come Dancing (Davies) - 3:54 Lyrics
  Property (Davies) - 4:19 Lyrics
  Don't Forget to Dance (Davies) - 4:37 Lyrics
  Young Conservatives (Davies) - 4:00 Lyrics
  Heart of Gold (Davies) - 4:00 Lyrics
  Cliches of the World (B Movie) (Davies) - 4:50 Lyrics
  10  Bernadette (Davies) - 3:28 Lyrics
  11  Don't Forget to Dance (Davies) - 5:05 Lyrics
  12  Once a Thief (Davies) - 4:02 Lyrics
  13  Long Distance (Davies) - 5:21 Lyrics
  14  Noise (Davies) - 4:38 Lyrics
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Tracks 11-14 are bonus tracks.

Dave Davies - Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals
Ray Davies - Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals, Producer
Mick Avory - Drums
Robert Ellis - Photography
Ian Gibbons - Keyboards
Bob Ludwig - Mastering
Jim Rodford - Bass, Vocals
John Rollo - Engineer, Mixing
Damian Korner, Damian Komer - Engineers
Howard Fritzson - Design


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