Steppenwolf is a rock band that helped establish heavy metal music in the late 1960s along with bands like Blue Cheer and Iron Butterfly. The band was formed in 1967 in Los Angeles by vocalist John Kay, guitarist Michael Monarch, bassist Rushton Moreve, keyboardist Goldy McJohn and drummer Jerry Edmonton after the dissolution of its predecessor, The Sparrows.

John Kay - Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica, Lead Vocals (1967-present)

Danny Johnson - Lead Guitar, Vocals (1996-present)

Michael Wilk - Keyboards, Bass, Vocals (1982-present)

Ron Hurst - Drums, Vocals (1985-present)

George Biondo - Bass, Vocals (1970-1976)

Jerry Edmonton - Drums, Lead Vocals (1967-1976)

Goldy McJohn - Keyboards, Backing Vocals (1967-1980)

Michael Monarch - Lead guitar, Backing Vocals (1967-1969)

Nick St. Nicholas - Bass, Backing Vocals (1969-1970, 1977-1980)


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