Sticky Fingers


Sticky Fingers
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Released: 1971, 23 April
Labels: Virgin
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  Sway (Jagger/Richards) - 3:51 Lyrics
  Wild Horses (Jagger/Richards) - 5:42 Lyrics
  Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Jagger/Richards) - 7:14 Lyrics
  You Gotta Move (Davis/McDowell) - 2:32 Lyrics
  Bitch (Jagger/Richards) - 3:36 Lyrics
  I Got the Blues (Jagger/Richards) - 3:52 Lyrics
  Sister Morphine (Faithfull/Jagger/Richards) - 5:31 Lyrics
  Dead Flowers (Jagger/Richards) - 4:03 Lyrics
  10  Moonlight Mile (Jagger/Richards) - 5:56 Lyrics
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Mick Jagger - Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals
Keith Richards - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Billy Preston - Organ, Keyboards, Vocals
Mick Taylor - Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Charlie Watts - Drums
Nicky Hopkins - Piano, Keyboards
Jack Nitzsche - Percussion, Piano, Keyboards
Jim Price - Piano, Trumpet, Horn
Bill Wyman - Synthesizer, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Jimmy Miller - Percussion, Producer
Paul Buckmaster - Strings, Arranger
Ry Cooder - Guitar
Jim Dickinson - Piano
Rocky Dzidzornu - Percussion
Glyn Johns, Andy Johns, Jimmy Johnson, Chris Kimsey - Engineers
Bobby Keys - Horn, Saxophone
Ian Stewart - Piano, Keyboards
Andy Warhol - Artwork, Design, Photography
Rocky Dijon - Conga
Craig Braun - Cover Design


Site visitor reviews
9/10 eric (January 5, 2011)
A truly great 'StoneS Album !!!
10/10 M??rcio Ivam. (December 16, 2010)
"Can you hear me knockin`?" is The Mick Taylor`s GUITAR!"Sister Morphine", is a dark, sad & beauty song.A Stones classic.And again, the Stones with Taylor guitar is very fucked good.

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