THRaKaTTaK [Live]


THRaKaTTaK [Live]
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Artist: King Crimson
Released: 1996, 25 June
Labels: DPL
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  THRAK - 2:20 Lyrics
  Fearless and Highly THRaKKed - 6:35 Lyrics
  Mother Hold the Candle Steady While I Shave the Chicken's Lip - 11:17 Lyrics
  THRaKaTTaK Part 1 - 3:41 Lyrics
  The Slaughter of the Innocents - 8:02 Lyrics
  This Night Wounds Time - 11:15 Lyrics
  THRaKaTTaK Part II - 11:07 Lyrics
  THRAK (Reprise) - 2:51 Lyrics
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