The Grand Illusion


The Grand Illusion
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Artist: Styx
Released: 1977, July
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Average song rating The Grand Illusion (DeYoung) - 4:36 Lyrics
  Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) (Shaw) - 5:29 Lyrics
  Superstars (DeYoung/Shaw/Young) - 3:59 Lyrics
  Come Sail Away (DeYoung) - 6:07 Lyrics
  Miss America (Young) - 5:01 Lyrics
  Man in the Wilderness (Shaw) - 5:49 Lyrics
  Castle Walls (DeYoung) - 6:00 Lyrics
  The Grand Finale (DeYoung/Shaw/Young) - 1:58 Lyrics
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Styx - Producer
Dennis DeYoung - Synthesizer, Keyboards, Vocals
Tommy Shaw - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Guitar (12 String)
James Young - Guitar, Vocals
Barry Mraz - Engineer
Chuck Panozzo - Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
John Panozzo - Percussion, Drums, Vocals


Site visitor reviews
9/10 Styx Fan (June 13, 2004)
Styx was unfairly bashed by the press throughout their career. This is a solid album with quality music throughout. they are one of the few bands capable of putting a smile on your face by actually 'sailing you away' to that music wonderland. Styx never received the acclaim they deserved during their tenure simply because they played in the shadows of such super groups as Yes, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, Boston, Jethro Tull, Moody Blues and the like. In pro baseball a consistent .300 hitter is one 'amazing' player however when compared to a consistent .400 hitter they are suddenly forgotten...Styx was the .300 hitter, its a shame they werent given more recognition and praise however its understandable considering who they played against. They were very talented and from what I hear, still are! This is a Great album by a Great band. Timeless? maybe not...Exceptionally done? without a doubt!

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