The Man Who Sold the World


The Man Who Sold the World
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Artist: David Bowie
Released: 1970, April
Labels: Mercury
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Average song rating The Man Who Sold the World (Bowie) - 3:57 Lyrics
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  13  Hang on to Yourself (Bowie) - 2:51 Lyrics
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Tracks 10-13 are bonus tracks

David Bowie - Guitar, Composer, Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals, Producer
Herbie Flowers - Bass, Producer
Tim Renwick, Mark Carr Prichard - Guitars
Mick Ronson - Guitar, Vocals
Trevor Bolder - Bass
Freddi Buretti - Vocals
John Cambridge - Drums
Mick "Woody" Woodmansey - Percussion, Drums
Ralph Mace - Synthesizer, Moog Synthesizer
Ken Scott - Engineer
Robin McBride - Executive Producer
Peter Mew - Remastering
Dr. Toby Mountain - Digital Remastering
Tony Visconti - Bass, Guitar, Piano, Bass (Electric), Guitar (Bass), Producer, Remixing
Jonathan Wyner - Remastering Assistant, Digital Remastering Assistant
Mick Rock, Brian Ward - Photography
Keef - Clothing/Wardrobe, Cover Design
Wit Hamburg - Cover Design
Nigel Reeve - Remastering
Kevin Cann - Design


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