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Artist: Pink Floyd
Released: 1969, 25 October
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  Astronomy Domine (Barrett) (8:32) Lyrics
  Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Waters/Wright/Mason/Gilmour) (8:50) Lyrics
  Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Waters) (9:27) Lyrics
  A Saucerful of Secrets (Waters/Wright/Mason/Gilmour) (12:50) Lyrics
  Sysyphus Part 1 (Wright) (1:08) Lyrics
  Sysyphus Part 2 (Wright) (3:31) Lyrics
  Sysyphus Part 3 (Wright) (1:49) Lyrics
  Sysyphus Part 4 (Wright) (7:00) Lyrics
  Grantchester Meadows (Waters) (7:28) Lyrics
  10  Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict (Waters) (5:01) Lyrics
  11  The Narrow Way Part 1 (Gilmour) (3:30) Lyrics
  12  The Narrow Way Part 2 (Gilmour) (2:54) Lyrics
  13  The Narrow Way Part 3 (Gilmour) (5:58) Lyrics
  14  The Grand Vizier's Garden Party Part 1: Entrance (Mason) (0:59) Lyrics
  15  The Grand Vizier's Garden Party Part 2: Entertainment (Mason) (7:07) Lyrics
  16  The Grand Vizier's Garden Party Part 3: Exit (Mason) (0:40) Lyrics
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Roger Waters - bass guitar, vocals
David Gilmour - guitar, vocals
Richard Wright - keyboards
Nick Mason - drums

Produced by: Pink Floyd (Disc One: songs 1-4) and Norman Smith (Disc Two: songs 5-16)
Engineeres: Peter Mew, Brian Humphries
Cover Design, Photography: Hipgnosis

The first disc have been recorded live: April 27, 1969 at Mother's Club in Birmingham, England and May 2, 1969 at the Chamber of Commerce in Manchester, England


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10/10 fairlight fm (September 16, 2005)
the best live renditions

of 4 epic tracks bringing a spell binding winding up the pyschedelic/barret era

unbeatable live tracks

set the controls / saucerfull of secrets

the mind blowing version of astromini domini
and the scary but hypnotic mind that axe eugene

the studio stuff pretty experimental but a prelude to atom heart and echoes

a must have in any self respecting record collection
8/10 hb (December 1, 2003)
strange, but sounds good when you're trashed. Some parts are scary.

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