Wild Planet


Wild Planet
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Artist: The B-52's
Released: 1980, 27 August
Labels: Warner Brothers
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  Party out of Bounds (Pierson, Schneider, Strickland Wilson Wilson) - 3:21 Lyrics
  Dirty Back Road (The B-52's) - 3:21 Lyrics
  Runnin' Around (Pierson, Schneider, Strickland Wilson Wilson) - 3:09 Lyrics
  Give Me Back My Man (Schneider, Strickland Wilson Wilson) - 4:00 Lyrics
  Private Idaho (Pierson, Schneider, Strickland Wilson Wilson) - 3:35 Lyrics
  Devil in My Car (Pierson, Schneider Wilson Wilson) - 4:28 Lyrics
  Quiche Lorraine (Schneider, Strickland Wilson) - 3:58 Lyrics
  Strobe Light (The B-52's) - 3:59 Lyrics
  53 Miles West of Venus (Pierson, Strickland Wilson Wilson) - 4:53 Lyrics
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The B-52's - Producer
Cindy Wilson - Guitar, Vocals
Rick Wilson - Guitar
Kate Pierson - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Fred Schneider - Keyboards, Vocals
Keith Strickland - Drums
Benji Armbrister - Assistant Engineer
Chris Blackwell - Producer, Executive Producer
Paul Bricker - Make-Up
Rhett Davies - Producer, Engineer
Lynn Goldsmith - Photography
Robert Waldrop - Art Direction


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