Willy and the Poor Boys


Willy and the Poor Boys
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Released: 1969, November
Labels: Fantasy
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  Down on the Corner (Fogerty) - 2:47 Lyrics
  It Came out of the Sky (Fogerty) - 2:56 Lyrics
  Cotton Fields (Leadbelly) - 2:54 Lyrics
  Poorboy Shuffle (Fogerty) - 2:27 Lyrics
  Feelin' Blue (Fogerty) - 5:05 Lyrics
  Fortunate Son (Fogerty) - 2:21 Lyrics
  Don't Look Now (Fogerty) - 2:12 Lyrics
  The Midnight Special (Traditional) - 4:14 Lyrics
  Side O' the Road (Fogerty) - 3:26 Lyrics
  10  Effigy (Fogerty) - 6:31 Lyrics
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John Fogerty - Guitar, Arranger, Vocals, Producer
Tom Fogerty - Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
Doug Clifford, Stu Cook - Bass, Drums
Russ Gary - Engineer, Mixing
Kevin Gray - Mastering, CD Preparation
Steve Hoffman, Shigeo Miyamoto - Mastering
Roberta Ballard - Production Manager
Tamaki Beck - Mastering Supervisor
Marcia McGovern - Pre-Production
Basul Parik - Photography, Cover Art, Cover Photo, Tray Photo
Ed Ward - Liner Notes


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