Wings Over America


Wings Over America
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Released: 1976, 10 December
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Average song rating Venus and Mars / Rock Show / Jet (10:19) Lyrics
Average song rating Let Me Roll It (3:44) Lyrics
Average song rating Spirits of Ancient Egypt (4:05) Lyrics
Average song rating Medicine Jar (4:06) Lyrics
Average song rating Maybe I'm Amazed (5:20) Lyrics
Average song rating Call Me Back Again (5:15) Lyrics
Average song rating Lady Madonna (2:37) Lyrics
Average song rating The Long and Winding Road (4:28) Lyrics
Average song rating Live and Let Die (3:34) Lyrics
Average song rating 10  Picasso's Last Words (1:53) Lyrics
Average song rating 11  Richard Cory (3:05) Lyrics
  12  Bluebird  
Average song rating 13  I've Just Seen a Face (2:11) Lyrics
Average song rating 14  Blackbird (2:27) Lyrics
Average song rating 15  Yesterday (1:49) Lyrics
Average song rating 16  You Gave Me the Answer (2:06) Lyrics
Average song rating 17  Magneto and Titanium Man (3:21) Lyrics
Average song rating 18  Go Now (3:46) Lyrics
Average song rating 19  My Love (4:14) Lyrics
Average song rating 20  Listen to What the Man Said (3:40) Lyrics
Average song rating 21  Let 'em in (4:08) Lyrics
Average song rating 22  Time to Hide (4:55) Lyrics
Average song rating 23  Silly Love Songs (6:05) Lyrics
Average song rating 24  Beware My Love (4:58) Lyrics
Average song rating 25  Letting Go (4:33) Lyrics
Average song rating 26  Band on the Run (5:46) Lyrics
Average song rating 27  Hi, Hi, Hi (3:48) Lyrics
Average song rating 28  Soily (5:44) Lyrics
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Producer: Paul McCartney
Engineers: Phil McDonald, Jack Maxson, Mark Vigars, Tom Walsh

Paul McCartney - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, piano
Linda McCartney - vocals, keyboards
Denny Laine - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, bass, gob iron
Jimmy McCulloch - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic Guitar, Bass
Joe English - vocals, drums

Tony Dorsey - trombone
Howie Casey - saxophone
Steve Howard - trumpet, flugelhorn
Thadeus Richard - saxophone, clarinet, flute

Label: Capitol SWCO 11593


Site visitor reviews
10/10 Richard (July 4, 2011)
Awesome "Live" album, everything is perfect and this album really flows... love it! I feel sorry for some people that have never heard this album.
8/10 TONY CHICARELLO (April 25, 2008)
This album is as good as a live album gets. The fan noise is there, as well as a fantastic selection of songs, which the band executes wonderfully. 'Medicine Jar' is one of my personal favorites, but nearly every one of hits until that point is there, plus an assortment
of his Beatle songs. Would have like to have had Helen Wheels on there though. A great CD!
9/10 tony C (May 8, 2005)
I've always admired Paul since seeing him on the Ed Sullivan show with you know who. To keep sheer determination after the fab 4 and record enough albums to dawn many hits as well as fillers is amazing. Thus that success spawned "Wings over America" which was given to me for in Dec. 1976 by my brother Tom. Me being a left-handed bassist,lead vocalist,i appreciate paul and wings. Even though Pauls voice was a little worn and sometimes hoarse,it gives the real live sense of being there but always in tone! I guess too much little richard screams early on but still the best over all of our generation. I took a hiatus in my 30" to save my voice now in my rock group the voices. Thank you and GOD bless.
9/10 Keith Andrews (February 25, 2005)
Without doubt the best live album I have ever heard. Wings are a tight band and the sound quality is excellent.

The sheer size (originally 3 LPs) is in itself impressive but the music itself is also pretty excellent. Highlights include the superb Maybe I'm Amazed, the excellent acoustic set and the tracks from Speed of Sound and Venus and Mars. McCartney has never performed better as a solo artist.
9/10 Marcelo Ojeda Pavez (November 1, 2004)
A top quality album. I think this is the best live LP i've ver heard. Since the start with the wonderful rocker "Venus and mars/Rockshow" and stick with this the larynx-loose "Jet"(sorry, but i don't speak english and all this i've learned just by myself). Then the rockers courtesy of Jimmy and Denny and the amazing "Maybe i'm amazed"(so far my favourite) with that guitar solo that reminds me something like Clapton in "While my guitar gently weeps". At this stage we have paul sitting at the piano singing some of the gratest piano songs he ever did. After that, the acoustic set is wonderful from the first song (i really like "Richard Cory"), specially for the beautiful "Bluebird". Well, the rockers go on with "Magneto...", "Time to hide", "Letting go", "Beware my love", "Hi,hi,hi" and "Soily", which is powerful to me. And in this LP i've found the best live versions of the classic songs of the McCartney of the 70's. Well i have to say that i have the video of the tour "Rockshow", but just the sound that comes out of the tape, CD or whatever is everything i need to be happy.

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