Hey Jude (The Beatles Again) [US]


Hey Jude (The Beatles Again) [US]
Artist: The Beatles
Released: 1970, 26 February
Labels: Apple
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Average song rating Can't Buy Me Love (Lennon, McCartney) - 2:15 Lyrics
Average song rating I Should Have Known Better (Lennon) - 2:45 Lyrics
Average song rating Paperback Writer (Lennon, McCartney) - 2:19 Lyrics
Average song rating Rain (Lennon) - 3:02 Lyrics
Average song rating Lady Madonna (McCartney) - 2:18 Lyrics
Average song rating Revolution (Lennon) - 3:24 Lyrics
Average song rating Hey Jude (McCartney) - 7:09 Lyrics
Average song rating Old Brown Shoe (Harrison) - 3:18 Lyrics
Average song rating Don't Let Me Down (Lennon) - 3:35 Lyrics
Average song rating 10  The Ballad of John and Yoko (Lennon) - 3:00 Lyrics
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Producer: George Martin
Engineers: Norman Smith, Geoff Emerick


Site visitor reviews
8/10 Bruce Beatlefan (December 2, 2005)
During the short time Allen Klein was the Beatles' (minus Paul) "manager", he had Capitol Records release this collection of songs to give his clients some badly-needed loose cash. Ostensively, this album served to catch the American buying public up with Beatle singles and B-Sides that had not yet appeared yet in an album, except that: (a) "Can't Buy Me Love" and "I Should Have Known Better" DID appear on an album, just not a Capitol Records album, and (b) Two B-sides, "I'm Down" and "The Inner Light" continued to get shafted...these songs were largely unavilable until 1988, when the Past Masters CD's effectively filled in the cracks.

With all that being behind the making of this album, it is a testimony of the greatness of the Beatles how terrific this album is.

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