From All Ears (1977) by Various artists

Hey Shirley (This is Squirrely) - 3:03

Hey, Shirley
This is Squirrely
You got your ears on

Ten four, Squirrely
This is Shirley
Come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on

Shirley, I heard you talking
To that Southside Bushy Tail
And you sound like a girl
I'd like to know real well

Hey, Shirley
The handle's Squirrely
And how 'bout channel hopping
Round a spell

Well, Squirrely
This is Shirley
Are you running
Barefoot over there

Ten four, Shirley
This is Squirrely
Girl, you know I'm
Strictly legal on the air

And I just gotta see
When the sun goes down
So don't you try to give me
No CB runaround

Come on, Shirley
Talk to Squirrely
I can't wait to
Eyeball you around

Shirley, girl
I think I'm going nuts over you
If you don't kiss heaven
I don't know what I'll do

All I need is just
A silent ten two from you
To be at your ten twenty
In an hour or two

How about a radio check
You got a radio check
What am I putting on
Your meter, skeeter
I'll never tell

Breaker, breaker
Come on, breaker
I'm looking for a Westbound
You got a Southbound

Uh, but good buddy
I wanted a Westbound
Well, I guess it's just
Gonna be one of them days

Hey, Shirley,
This is Squirrely
Do you dig what I say

Ten four, Squirrely
This is Shirley
Dude, I read you okay
You bushy tailed rascal

Well, Shirley,
Get your best fur
And fix up your hair
Manicure your fingernails
And I'll be right there

Hey, Shirley
Tonight old Squirrely
Is gonna take you
Dancing everywhere
And I'm gone

Ibbidy, ibbidy, ibbidy, uh
Breaker, breaker
Come on there, breaker

Ibbidy, ibbidy
Do you know where I can
Ibbidy, ibbidy
I can find a, a eucalyptus
A eucalyptus tree

Uh, let's see now, eucalyptus
Uh, can you spell that
For me, please

Ibbidy, ibbidy...
Sure, eucalyptus
Ibbidy, U, ibbidy, U...

Ahh, forget it
I'll just get the
Get the directions to Oak Street
Uh, yeah, if you don't mind

Honey Bee (Please Answer Me) - 3:02


Come on, Come on, CB Baby - 2:46


Everybody's Somebody (In Our CB World) - 2:27


Hey Good Buddy (Where's My Baby) - 2:33


The Handles Hall of Fame - 3:07


Listenin' CB Blues - 2:24


Ain't Ever Gonna Be Lonely Again - 2:04


L.J.'s CB Radio - 4:55


The Night I Talked to the Lord - 3:37