When We Was Fab

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Average song rating Daniel Boneschansker October 19, 2008
Average song rating The miracle of "When We Was Fab" is that it genuinely recaptures the sound and feeling of the Beatles circa 1967 without specifically imitating any particular song. The lyrics are among George's finest ever, being simultaneously poetic, fondly reminiscing, irreverently humorous, and altogether Beatle-y. I see that he also gives hommages to at least two of his old friends, Bob Dylan and Smokey Robinson (and probably others that I have missed. You are my world--is that an hommage to Helen Reddy??). Bruce Beatlefan April 24, 2006


Back then long time ago when grass was green
Woke up in a daze
Arrived like stangers in the night
Fab - long time ago when we was fab
Fab - back when income tax was all we had

Caresses fleeced you in the morning light
Casualties at dawn
And we did it all
Fab - long time ago when we was fab
Fab - you are my world you are my only love

And while you're in this world
The fuzz gonna come and claim you
But you mo better wise
When the buzz gonna come and take you away
Take you away
Take you away

The microscopes that magnified the tears
Studied warts and all
Still the life flows on and on
Fab - long time ago when we was fab
Fab - but It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Fab - long time ago when we was fab
Fab - like this pullover you sent to me

And You've Really Got A Hold Me
fab - long time ago when we was fab


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