Endless Harmony

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Average song rating Bruce Johnston actually wrote this song in the early 1970's under the title "Ten Years Harmony", and it is clear in listening to the song that it was written during the years that Don McLean was the hottest thing going (every time I listen to the song I expect Bruce to start singing, "But February made me shiver...with every paper I'd deliver..."). The song took on a life of its own as the title song of a DVD Documentary to the Beach Boys, and the ending harmonies take the song to a nice (brief) level, but the track is way too self-conscious, self-congratulatory, and just a tad too revisionist. I never cared for the identification of the Beach Boys as "America's Band", and this song played a large part in that designation. Not a good moment for the group, all things considered. Bruce Beatlefan October 28, 2009


Ocean lovers who like to harmonize
They're all cousins friends and brothers
And they make their Mamas cry
They're record-making heart-breaking
Just West Coast boys
What I know it's a beginning of an endless harmony
Oooo ooo ooooo

Striped shirt freedom
Brave new worlds
Go out on the road
Where there's mid-sixties screaming
And that nighttime holiday scheming
While a lifestyle turns to gold
Music's growing
And vibrations showing
What's it all mean
I know it means there's an endless harmony

And we sang God bless America
It's a land where we tour
She takes great care of us
And people love for where we sing
We sing doot doo doot, doot doo doot, doot doo doo doo


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