Venus and Mars Reprise

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Average song rating What's that with Paul and reprises? Ram On, Mumbo and now Venus And Mars. A song I don't need on the album. Bobber April 11, 2012
Average song rating Any time McCartney reprises a song, it seems to indicate an overall theme unifying the songs of the album. Such is the case for "Sergeant Pepper's LHCB", "Ram on", and "We're Open Tonight". In Venus and Mars Paul seems to be saying that this album is cosmic... or spaced out... what do you think? Bruce Beatlefan May 27, 2006


Standing in the hall
Of the great cathedral
Waiting for the transport to come
Starship 21zna9

A good friend of mine
Studies the stars
Venus and Mars
Are alright tonight.

Come away on a strange vacation
Holiday hardly begun
Run into a good friend of mine

Sold me her sign
Reach for the stars
Venus and Mars
Are alright tonight.


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Venus and Mars
Venus and Mars