Don't Let It Bring You Down

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Average song rating Best song on the album as far as I'm concerned. Love love the atmosphere at the start created by the recorder (?) and guitar. Great lead guitar as well and the drums really fit in. Paul is looking for the lower ranges in his voice and it works really well. He hardly sings as low as he does at 1.17. Switching to his highest range in the part following directly. The 'up and down' section starting at 2.10 is wonderful. Great acoustic guitars in here and harmonies. Towards the end the guitar solo is something special. Co written by Paul and Denny. Bobber April 11, 2012
Average song rating "Don't Let it Bring You Down" is the most convincing argument that Paul McCartney injects his songs with addictive aural drugs of some sort.

Paul's most prominent songwriting attributes: memorable melodies, optimistic outlook, impressive vocal range, and dusting all his songs with confectioner's sugar, are on top display in this song. Whenever I play the London Town CD I find myself repeating this song--often more than once--just to drink in this experience. Denny Laine contributes backing vocals and a beautiful folksy recorder, and oft-criticized Linda's backing vocals are in the Mary Travers (of Peter, Paul, and Mary) class. And WHO IS IT playing that fuzz guitar that gradually turns this gentle folk melody into a red-hot rocker???

A nearly-perfect four minutes of music, it is a shame that this miracle is practically forgotten.
Bruce Beatlefan March 16, 2007


Though some things in life are hard to bear
Don't let it bring you down

Should the sand of time run out on you
Don't let it bring you down

Don't go down - don't go underground
Things seem strange, but they change
How they change

Up and down your carousel will go
Don't let it bring you down

Don't go down - don't get out of town
Get to know how it goes, how it goes

When the price you have to pay is high
Don't let it bring you down.


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