Smash the Mirror

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Average song rating The patience of Tommy's parents reach the end of its tether in this disjoint and passionate song, and leads to the impulsive smashing of the mirror which brings about Tommy's cure. In the movie version, "Smash the Mirror" may be Ann-Margret's finest moment as Tommy's Mother. Bruce Beatlefan March 30, 2008



You don't answer my call
With even a nod or a twitch
But you gaze at your own reflection!
You don't seem to see me
But I think you can see yourself.
How can the mirror affect you?

Can you hear me
Or do I surmise?
That you fear me can you feel my temper

Do you hear or fear or
Do I smash the mirror.
Do you hear of fear or
Do I smash the mirror? SMASH!


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