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Average song rating The newly awakened Tommy sings this serene and lovely melody, with some of Pete Townshend's most poetic lyrics. Sadly, the lyrics also contain an exaggerated self-aggrandization which was to become Tommy's downfall when the story concludes... Bruce Beatlefan March 30, 2008
Average song rating Dmitry Murashev November 24, 2007



I overwhelm as I approach you
Make your lungs hold breath inside!
Lovers break caresses for me
Love enhanced when I've gone by.

You'll feel me coming,
A new vibration
From afar you'll see me
I'm a sensation.

They worship me and all I touch
Hazy eyed they catch my glance,
Pleasant shudders shake their senses
My warm momentum throws their stance.

You'll feel me coming
A new vibration
From afar you'll see me
I'm a sensation.

I leave a trail of rooted people
Mesmerised by just the sight,
The few I touch are now disciples
Love as One I Am the Light...

Soon you'll see me can't you feel me
I'm coming...
Send your troubles dancing he knows the answer
I'm coming...
I'm a sensation.


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