Tommy's Holiday Camp

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Average song rating A goofball song in which an apparently reformed Uncle Ernie (portrayed by Keith Moon in both the album and the movie) invites all to come to Tommy's Holiday Camp. The effect of the organ to create a calliope sound is catchy, but ultimately a little ghastlyand eerie. Keith Moon is credited with the writing of "Tommy's Holiday Camp", but Townshend later revealed that he actually wrote the song 'in Keith Moon's style'. A welcome tidbit in the song is John Entwistle's closing 'welcome', sung in his Boris the Spider voice. Bruce Beatlefan March 31, 2008


Uncle Ernie:
Good morning Campers!

I'm your Uncle Ernie
And I'll welcome you to Tommy's Holiday Camp
The camp with the difference
Nevermind the weather
When you come to Tommy's
The holiday's forever


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