Ukhta town, Komi Republic, Russia 

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Different Ukhta

Uncategorized different pictures of Ukhta.

In the crossroad of Lenina and Kosmonavtov streets. 'Service' building at the beginning of the Lenina street. 'Kultury i Otdyha' park. Tallest bulding in Ukhta - residential construction. Future bulding of Ukhta State University. Crossroad of Oktyabrskaya and Pushkina streets. Ukhta river. West part of Ukhta. Pushkin monument at the beginning of Pushkin(a) street. Park 'Kultury i Otdyha'. A staircase which connects park with Pervomayskaya street. Future Ukhta bank at the intersection of Pervomayskaya and Oktyabrskaya streets. Lenina street (bottom-left), 30 let Oktyabrya street (up-left), Oktyabrskaya street (right). Beginning of Pervomayskaya street. Beginning of Pervomayskaya street. Photographed from Mira street. A view from Ukhta-Syktyvkar road. About 2000 year. Bird's-eye view. About 2000 year.
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