Ukhta town, Komi Republic, Russia 

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Ukhta in 1950s

Pictures of Ukhta in 1950s. There are a few streets and stone buildings. Most part of the town is more like a village.

Mira street. Oil derricks in the future park 'Kultury i Otdyha'. 1950s. A view from Kuratova settlement at the 'Pioner gora' hill. 1950s. Unknown place. 1950s. A street at the 'Pioner gora'. 1950s. Mira street, Pervomayskaya square and different steets. 1950s. Ozernyi settlement. 1950s. Pervomayskaya steet. The end of the street. 1950s. Vetlosyan settlement. 1950s. Shudayag (Sangorodok) settlement. 1950s. Oplesnina street. 1950s. Oktyabrskaya street. 1950s. Kuratova settlement. Now it is a Kuratova street with high-rise buildings. 1950s. Dalny settlement. 1950s. 30 let Oktyabrya (30 years of October) street. 1950s. Gorky street. 1950s. Pushkina street. 1950s. A view of the Mira street and Ukhta river. 1950s. Pervomayskaya street and square. The beginning of the steet. 1950s. Crossroad of Mira and Oktyabrskaya streets. 1950s. Mira street. 1950s.
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