Ukhta town, Komi Republic, Russia 

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Autumn of 2005

Photos of Ukhta made in September-October 2005.

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The end of Lenina street. Lenina street leads to the town centre. In the end of Lenina street. 'Sberbank' of Russia, supermarkets. Lenina 40. Building 40 and municipal library in the Lenina street. Lenina street. Buildings from left to right: 53, 57, 61. 'Chibiu' hotel and restaurant. Supermarket 'Vladimir' of foodstuff. Bath-house with many shops in the Lenina street. Garant (guarantor) shop that sells office equipment, computers, multimedia products, etc. SeverGazprom headquarters. SeverGazprom headquarters. Komsomolskaya square and Severgeofizika (geological exploration company) headquarters in it. Culture Palace in the Lenina street. Culture Palace in the Lenina street. Crossroad of Lenina and Kosmonavtov streets. 'Gorod Masterov' (superstore) in the Lenina street. Lenina street. Kosmonavtov street. Afghan soldiers stele in the Lenina street.
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