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Artist: John Lennon
Released: 2004, 2 November
Labels: Capitol
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  Love (Lennnon) - 4:00  
  Working Class Hero (Lennnon) - 2:32  
  Well Well Well (Lennnon) - 1:17  
  Look at Me (Lennnon) - 2:50  
  God (Lennnon) - 2:41  
  My Mummy's Dead (Lennnon) - 1:16  
  Cold Turkey (Lennnon) - 3:29  
  I'm a Man (Lennnon)  
  The Luck of the Irish [Live] (Lennnon/Ono) - 3:41  
  10  John Sinclair [Live] (Lennnon) - 3:22  
  11  Woman is the Nigger of the World (Lennnon/Ono) - 0:42  
  12  What You Got (Lennnon) - 2:26  
  13  Watching the Wheels (Lennnon) - 3:07  
  14  Dear Yoko (Lennnon) - 4:07  
  15  Real Love (Lennnon) - 4:04  
  16  Imagine [Live] (Lennnon) - 3:11  
  17  It's Real (Lennnon) - 1:08 Lyrics
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John Lennon - Guitar, Vocals, Author, Artwork, Drawing
Yoko Ono - Vocals, Producer, Design, Photography, Art Supervisor


Site visitor reviews
6/10 Bruce Beatlefan (April 24, 2006)
Listening to this album just makes me sad, as I cannot avoid considering the warmth and quality of Paul McCartney\'s \"Unplugged\" album and wishing that John had had a chance to conduct a similar project. I am sure that we would have heard (for once) John delivering some of his Beatles material (he had always intended for \"Help\" to be a slower, more sensitive song), and I believe an acoustic rendering of his personal boyhood favorites would have far outstripped his too-bombastic \"Rock and Roll\" covers. Hence, it is regrettable that the best we can have is this rather-nice-but-unremarkable collection of demo tracks and acoustic live performances and homemade stuff.
9/10 chris (April 26, 2005)
it was great

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