Franz Ferdinand


Franz Ferdinand
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Released: 2004, 9 March
Labels: Domino
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  Jacqueline (Hardy, Kapranos, McCarthy, Thompson) - 3:49 Lyrics
  Tell Her Tonight (Kapranos, McCarthy) - 2:17 Lyrics
  Take Me out (Kapranos, McCarthy) - 3:57 Lyrics
  The Dark Of The MatinĂ©e (Hardy, Kapranos, McCarthy, Thompson) - 4:03 Lyrics
  Auf Achse (Kapranos, McCarthy) - 4:19 Lyrics
  Cheating on You (Kapranos, McCarthy) - 2:36 Lyrics
  This Fire (Kapranos, McCarthy) - 4:14 Lyrics
  Darts of Pleasure (Kapranos, McCarthy) - 2:59 Lyrics
  Michael (Kapranos, McCarthy) - 3:21 Lyrics
  10  Come on Home (Kapranos, McCarthy) - 3:46 Lyrics
  11  40 Ft. (Kapranos, McCarthy) - 3:24 Lyrics
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Alex Kapranos - Guitar, Vocals
Bob Hardy - Bass
Nick McCarthy - Guitar
Paul Thomson - Drums
Franz Ferdinand - Producer, Artwork, Mixing
Roxanne Clifford, Joe Dilworth - Photography
Matthew Cooper - Artwork
Tore Johansson - Producer, Mixing
Stefan Kvarnstr?m, Jens Lindgard - Engineers
Vivian Lewis - Back Cover
Steve Rooke - Mastering


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