Back in the U.S. [Live]


Back in the U.S. [Live]
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Released: 2002, 26 November
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  Hello Goodbye (Lennon/McCartney) - 3:46 Lyrics
  Jet (McCartney/McCartney) - 4:02 Lyrics
  All My Loving (Lennon/McCartney) - 2:08 Lyrics
  Getting Better (Lennon/McCartney) - 3:10 Lyrics
  Coming up (McCartney) - 3:26 Lyrics
  Let Me Roll It (McCartney/McCartney) - 4:24 Lyrics
  Lonely Road (McCartney) - 3:12 Lyrics
  Driving Rain (McCartney) - 3:11 Lyrics
  Your Loving Flame (McCartney) - 3:28  
  10  Blackbird (Lennon/McCartney) - 2:30  
  11  Every Night (McCartney) - 2:51  
  12  We Can Work It out (Lennon/McCartney) - 2:29  
  13  Mother Nature's Son (Lennon/McCartney) - 2:11  
  14  Vanilla Sky (McCartney) - 2:29  
  15  Carry That Weight (Lennon/McCartney) - 3:05  
  16  The Fool on the Hill (Lennon/McCartney) - 3:09  
  17  Here Today (McCartney) - 2:28  
  18  Something (Harrison) - 2:33  
  19  Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney) - 2:17  
  20  Here There and Everywhere (Lennon/McCartney) - 2:26  
  21  Band on the Run (McCartney/McCartney) - 5:00  
  22  Back in the USSR (Lennon/McCartney) - 2:55  
  23  Maybe I'm Amazed (McCartney) - 4:48  
  24  C Moon (McCartney/McCartney) - 3:51  
  25  My Love (McCartney/McCartney) - 4:03  
  26  Can't Buy Me Love (Lennon/McCartney) - 2:09  
  27  Freedom (McCartney) - 3:18  
  28  Live and Let Die (McCartney/McCartney) - 3:05  
  29  Let It Be (Lennon/McCartney) - 3:57  
  30  Hey Jude (Lennon/McCartney) - 7:01  
  31  The Long and Winding Road (Lennon/McCartney) - 3:30  
  32  Lady Madonna (Lennon/McCartney) - 2:21  
  33  I Saw Her Standing There (Lennon/McCartney) - 3:08  
  34  Yesterday (Lennon/McCartney) - 2:08  
  35  Sgt. Pepper's/The End (Lennon/McCartney) - 4:39  
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Paul McCartney - Guitar, Piano, Guitar (Bass), Vocals, Liner Notes, Executive Producer
Rusty Anderson - Guitar, Vocals (bckgr), Liner Notes
Brian Ray - Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Vocals (bckgr), Liner Notes
Paul "Wix" Wickens - Keyboards, Programming, Vocals (bckgr), Liner Notes
Abe Laboriel Jr. - Percussion, Drums, Vocals (bckgr), Liner Notes
Stewart Whitmore - Digital Editing
Mark Seliger - Cover Photo
Bill Bernstein - Photography
Tim Lambert - Assistant
Michael Brauer - Engineer
David Kahne - Producer
Stephen Marcussen - Mastering


Site visitor reviews
8/10 Bruce Beatlefan (April 1, 2006)
The fact that this man who had just turned 60 successfully pulled off not a \"reunion\" tour, or a \"nostalgia\" tour, but a full-fledged high-decibel stomping and screaming rock show is nothing short of phenomenal. This two-CD set chronicles this show, which I did not have the privilege of attending. Some comments about this CD:
(1) What an unexpected thrill to hear \"It\'s Getting Better\", performed with all the optimism and energy of its Sgt. Pepper track.
(2) For some reason it has become trendy for rock reviewers in recent years to dismiss the popularity of the \"Band on the Run\" album as a fluke. The appreciative screams from the crowd at the first licks of \"Jet\", \"Band on the Run\" and \"Let Me Roll It\" in this CD give lie to that baloney. These tracks are in fact as good as much of the Beatle\'s work.
(3) Paul and the band, for the most part, treat the beloved Beatles songs with faithfulness and reverence, never \'going through the motions\' of playing 40-year-old songs.
(4) The exception to (3), \"You Never Give Me Your Money\" was awful and infuriating to me. I would bet that fully 60% of the audience was quite capable of giving Paul the exact words to that song. If I had been at the concert I would have been screaming them out (from the 243rd row).
(5) I wish that the CD\'s recorded at least some between-song conversation from Paul, particularly during the part when he gives tribute to John (Here Today) and George (Something). There doesn\'t seem to be any tribute to Lovely Linda at all, unless it was My Love.
(6) Some of Paul\'s newer material mixed in quite well with the old classics, particularly \"Vanilla Sky\" and \"Lonely Road\".
(7) I didn\'t especially care for the treatment of the \"Hey Jude\" coda (\"just the ladies now\"...) but it was not surprising either.
(8) All in all, a magnificent performance by the numero uno entertainer of my lifetime.

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