Beatles for Sale


Beatles for Sale
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Artist: The Beatles
Released: 1964, 4 December
Labels: Parlophone
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Average song rating No Reply (Lennon) - 2:18 Lyrics
Average song rating I'm a Loser (Lennon) - 2:33 Lyrics
Average song rating Baby's in Black (Lennon, McCartney) - 2:08 Lyrics
Average song rating Rock and Roll Music (Chuck Berry) - 2:34 Lyrics
Average song rating I'll Follow the Sun (McCartney) - 1:51 Lyrics
Average song rating Mr. Moonlight (Roy Lee Johnson) - 2:37 Lyrics
Average song rating Kansas City / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller / Richard Penniman) - 2:33 Lyrics
Average song rating Eight Days a Week (Lennon, McCartney) - 2:46 Lyrics
Average song rating Words of Love (Buddy Holly) - 2:14 Lyrics
Average song rating 10  Honey Don't (Carl Perkins) - 3:00 Lyrics
Average song rating 11  Every Little Thing (Lennon, McCartney) - 2:05 Lyrics
Average song rating 12  I Don't Want to Spoil the Party (Lennon) - 2:36 Lyrics
Average song rating 13  What You're Doing? (Lennon, McCartney) - 2:34 Lyrics
Average song rating 14  Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby (Carl Perkins) - 2:28 Lyrics
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Producer: George Martin
Liner Notes: Derek Taylor

George Harrison: Vocals, Guitar, African drum
John Lennon: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Paul McCartney: Vocals, Bass Guitar, Piano, Hammond organ
Ringo Starr: Drums, Vocals, Bongos, Timpani, Percussion

George Martin: Piano

A testament to the abundance of perseverance and talent found within The Beatles' ranks, their fourth album was recorded in and around North American and British tours. BEATLES FOR SALE also marked their last full-length release loaded with cover songs, as the Fab Four moved towards writing more of their own material. Interspersed between future Beatles classics such as "Eight Days A Week" and the Dylan-inspired "I'm A Loser" are faithful renditions of songs by Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins (featuring the only lead vocals by Ringo Starr and George Harrison on this album). The bossa-nova flavored take on Chuck Berry's "Rock And Roll Music" is only superseded by a tremendous medley of "Kansas City" and "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey," that finds Paul McCartney's exuberant vocals placing a decent second to his hero Little Richard and making this the centerpiece of BEATLES FOR SALE. Derek Taylor


Site visitor reviews
7/10 d bestwhkibb (December 31, 2007)
Mixed feelings.. everybody seems to trash this album brutally as a huge regression from Hard Day's Night, mainly for the presence of covers. Well.. can you really expect the band to churn out two albums worth of originals in one year AND tour the entire year?? I'd say they did a DAMN good job as is. Besides, the covers aren't so bad anyway. Rock and Roll Music rules mercilessly. Similarly to WTB, the first 3 tracks are the best. No Reply, I'm A Loser and Baby's In Black are very, very depressing, and I'm surprised people don't pick up on that as being innovative in itself. Sure, No Reply takes its hook from a song on HDN (can't remember which though, somewhere near the end), but it sounds FANTASTIC as is, and is probably my favorite on the album. Oh yeah, and it has Eight Days a Week. Less essential than most other Beatles albums, but essential nonetheless.
7/10 Bruce Beatlefan (September 30, 2005)
This album is generally regarded as the Beatle's weakest (reckoning their British releases), but two external factors contribute to this: "Beatles for Sale" was not bolstered by including a single (as were the albums "Please Please Me", "A Hard Day's Night", and "Help"). If one can add in I Feel Fine and She's a Woman and drop two of the weaker songs, all of a sudden you have, essentially, "Beatles '65", one of their great American releases.

Secondly, the Beatles' songwriting (actually John's--Paul seems to be suffering a temporary writer's block in late 1964) has progressed to the point where the cover songs suddenly sound very out-of-place, making this a somewhat confusing album to listen to. Adding to the confusion is Paul's inclusion of a song he wrote several years previously. "I'll Follow the Sun" is a very beautiful song, sort of a "PS I Love You Jr.", but this too clashes with the rest of the album.

There is still a lot of brilliance on this album nonetheless...a very enjoyable listen. "Rock and Roll Music" is one of John's finest moments. Ringo's "Honey Don't" is great fun. "Mr. Moonlight" is the closest the Beatles ever got on record to the Coaster-style novelties that were common in their live shows (captured in Anthology I).
9/10 Peter S. (August 12, 2005)
This is probably the Beatles' most underrated album. The only weak song I figure is What You're Doing. Some of the Beatles' best harmonies are on display while listening to the first three songs. I Don't Want to Spoil the Party is a hidden gem. Ditto I'll Follow the Sun. Don't overlook this album!

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